Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Realtor® Gadgets

WOW I found some really cool  gadgets that we need every day in this business.  Some are of course a bit extreme for me - I can stir my own coffee...well on 2nd thought, maybe I do want someone to do it for me lol

I haven't decided which is my most favorite so here is my list of tops...

Magnetic Face Plate
I want this in my own house.  I lose my keys or leave them in the house probably once a week and it would be so much easier to have them right on the light switch right by the door.  Helps Ayesha Proof my home lol

Coffee Cup Power Inverter
Oh Emm Geeeee!!! It's great to have usb chargers of course, Yo this has a straight up 3-prong for your laptop too!  I might be a bit too hype right now...*calm down* *calm down* How nice it would be to have a way to charge my laptop as well as phone & tablet from the car.  It's not easy to update contracts on the go when you are at a vacant home with no electricity.

Washable Keyboard
"Hi, I'm Ayesha & I'm slightly agoraphobic" - enough said

Wireless Charger
I can't help laughing because this makes me think of all the DirecTV® marionette commercials.  "Ugly wires" lol

Cyber Cleaning Putty
"Hi, I'm Ayesha & I'm slightly agoraphobic" - enough said

Take a look at the list yourself and see if there are any that you'd like to have.
List of Real Estate Tech Gadgets

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